PermaPrint Large Format Posters

Regular price $35.00

Printed in full colour 1 side on 200 gsm

Need your file printed onto water resistant, tear and rip-proof paper then PermaPrint is the product for you.

After getting wet you can clean the surface with water and still write on it. 

This material will take the day to day knocks in the construction industry, hospitality without wearing or fading.

Perfect for building plans, menus, posters or any printed product that may get wet and subject to extreme conditions that you want to last for a long time.  Once wet or dirty you can wipe clean and use again.  

  • Extreme handling strength and flexibility
  • Water resistance - including salt and chlorinated water
  • Can handle high heat in excess of 240deg and as low as -40deg
  • Resistance to cleaning chemicals and bleach
  • Petrol, oil and grease proof

Prices include delivery around NZ but excludes GST.

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