File Specifications:

  • Bleed: 2mm on all sides
  • Recommended safe zone: 3mm in from all sides
  • Accepted file types: PDF, JPEG or TIF
  • Recommended resolution: 300dpi for all images (800dpi for all text as an image)


  • Colours must be either CMYK or Grey Scale (i.e no RGB, Pantone or Spot Colours)
  • All fonts must be embedded or converted to curves
  • Borders and type must be within safe zone as variations may occur when trimming
  • Ensure your artwork matches your order specifications
  • Where possible, logo's supplied in vector format

General Instructions:

  • Artwork must be correctly sized with required amounts of bleed
  • All transparency effects are to be flattened
  • Overprints must be set correctly for the desired result
  • All colour profiles are to be removed
  • Ensure all images are at correct resolution
  • Registration marks, keylines, dielines and other non-printing items must be removed
  • Crop marks, if required, are to be positioned outside bleed area

If you need to contact us regarding your artwork, please do so by email. We can help you with your files.